Shirdi Sai Temple Introduction

Shirdi Sai

The small town of Shirdi is located in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra and was in the 19th century home of Sai Baba. The small rustic and sleepy town is now home to the holy shrine of Sai Baba which is visited by millions of devotees. The Shirdi temple where Sai Baba was interred became a place of worship known as Shree Samadhi Mandir or Shirdi Sai Baba Temple. There are many temples of Sai Baba in India as well as abroad however the pilgrimage to Shirdi Sai Temple is considered as the most important and attracts devotees not just from all parts of the country, but also from abroad. Pilgrims of all faiths visit this temple for Baba’s Darshan irrespective of their religion because Sai Baba during his life time was revered by people from all communities.

The Temple houses an immensely beautiful and magnificent marble statue of Baba, which is well adorned with flowers, golden mukut (crown) and colourful clothes. The shrine of Baba is sat amidst the calm surroundings, where the quiet is only punctuated by the mellow sound of sages chanting prayers, and the soothing bhajans and ‘Sai Aarti’. The lifelike image of Baba appears to hear every devotee’s prayers who comes here for his darshan and surrenders and submits oneself to him. When you visit Shirdi Temple you will see that there are four Aarti's that are held daily inside the Samadhi Mandir which is a tradition dating back to when Baba was still alive.